Ton Bruynèl was born in Utrecht January 26th 1934. He died on May 5th 1998 in Mailly, France .

From 1952 to 1956 he studied piano with Wolfgang Wijdeveld at the Utrecht Conservatory of Music. His choice of teacher was motivated both by the fact that Wijdeveld had been a pupil of Béla Bartók and that he was active as a composer at a time when composition was not offered as a course of study in Utrecht.

In defiance of the cold shoulder given to composition, Bruynèl banded together with fellow students Peter Schat and Jan van Vlijmen, rallying round the composer Kees van Baaren. Van Baaren introduced his young disciples to dodecaphony, with which Bruynèl felt little affinity. His attention, rather, was focused enthusiastically on the French musique concrète. He chose his instrumentation with the reproduction of concrete sounds in mind, and oriented himself with the Electronic Music Studio at the universities of Utrecht and Delft , later renamed the Institute for Sonology.

In 1957 he established his own studio in Utrecht - the first private studio in The Netherlands - specializing in writing music which combines electronic and acoustic sounds. In the 1970s and 1980s he taught electronic-composition at the Utrecht Conservatory.

Bruynèl won the prize for 'Best Dutch entry' during the 1966 International Gaudeamus Music Week for his composition Mobile for two recorded soundtracks. In 1971 his audio-visual 'Kubus-project' (created together with architect Aldo van Eijck and sculptor Carel Visser) was exhibited in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam . His compositions Chicharras (a joint project with the poet Bert Schierbeek) and Adieu Petit Prince (based on texts by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry) earned Bruynèl an award at the 1986
International Festival for Electronic Music in Bourges, France. One of Ton Bruynèl last works is the video opera Non sono un Ucello. This production on the history of flight was commissioned by VPRO-television and directed by Fred van Dijk.

All works by Ton Bruynèl are published by Donemus.

The documentairy Ton Bruynèl and the elaboration on sound was published on DVD at the label Attacca in 2008.